History & Staff

We invite you to discover who has made Northwest Funeral Chapel the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community. This section contains the heritage, vision, and the people behind Northwest Funeral Chapel's reputation of quality, sincerity, and trust.

Our History

Our History

Northwest Funeral Chapel has been in operation since 1993. It was established by Mrs. Ernestine O'Bee, Mr. William Ford and Mr. J.C. Frazier It provides funeral services and related merchandise to families in Milwaukee and its surrounding communities.

Northwest Funeral Chapel serves over 500 families each year by providing:

  • Removal, embalming, restoration, dressing and other preparations of the deceased for burial, entombment, cremation or shipment to destinations within the United States and foreign countries.
  • The sale of quality caskets, vaults, clothing, flowers, funeral programs and other related materials.
  • The arrangement and conduction of traditional and non-traditional funerals; coordination with other agencies for interments, entombments and cremations.
  • Assistance with the preparation of insurance claims, Veteran Administration, Social Security and other documents.
  • Coordination with state, county and other agencies to effect the proper and dignified burial or cremation of indigent persons.
  • Pre-Need services fro pre-arrangements of funerals and the establishment burial trusts, insurance funded trusts and insurance policies for final expense coverage.
  • After-care services through Surviving Spouse Support Group activities and coordination with local churches and other agencies to help meet the needs of the bereaved.

Its locations, facilities and the reputation of its staff and management distinguish it from other funeral homes in the community. It has spacious and attractive chapels, a complete on site selection room, modern vehicles and equipment and a Family Resource Center that is used for repasts, public education seminars and other activities which clearly identifies Northwest Funeral Chapel as a leading funeral establishment in the African American community.

Northwest Funeral Chapel has continually served and supported churches of all faiths. It has worked with fraternities, sororities, Masonic and Eastern Star organizations, motorcycle clubs and a myriad of other groups to provide meaningful services to bereaved family members and friends.

Northwest Funeral Chapel presently operates from facilities in Milwaukee and in Racine, Wisconsin. It currently has a staff of six Licensed Funeral Directors and a group of some sixteen other well trained and caring staff members who provide professional support and assistance to families before, during and after the funeral.

Northwest Funeral Chapel serves the community 24 hours a day (including weekends and holidays) and its offices are open daily from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Our Valued Staff

  • Deon Johnson

    Deon Johnson, Funeral Director

  • Mrs. Susette Hubbard

    Mrs. Susette Hubbard, Receptionist

  • James Weddle

    James Weddle, Limo Driver

  • Glennie Pickett

    Glennie Pickett, Beautician

  • Murrell Hasan

    Murrell Hasan, Housekeeping

  • Bee Vang

    Bee Vang, Funeral Director

  • Priscilla Wesley

    Priscilla Wesley, Housekeeping

  • Florence Burt

    Florence Burt, Greeter

  • Esther Burt

    Esther Burt, Limo Driver

  • Jerry Johnson

    Jerry Johnson, Limo Driver

  • Mrs. Tara Renee Szulczewski

    Mrs. Tara Renee Szulczewski, Receptionist

  • Lael Thompson

    Lael Thompson, Removal Team

  • Cheryl  Clayton

    Cheryl Clayton, Pre-need Counselor

  • Elzee  Owens

    Elzee Owens, Limo Driver

  • Mrs. Victoria  Frazier

    Mrs. Victoria Frazier, Director, Public Relations, After Care Specialist

  • Christina Green

    Christina Green, Funeral Director

  • Troy  Robertson

    Troy Robertson, License Funeral Director

    Member NFDA and WFDA

  • Shannon  Gwin

    Shannon Gwin, License Funeral Director / Embalmer

    Member NFDA and WFDA

  • Michelle  Byrd

    Michelle Byrd, License Funeral Director / License Insurance Agent / Certified Preneed Counselor

    Member NFDA and WFDA

  • Lorretta  Kingsby

    Lorretta Kingsby, License Funeral Director / Preneed Counselor

    Member NFDA and WFDA

  • Mr. William  Ford

    Mr. William Ford, Co-Founder

    Former Funeral Director 1921-2011

  • Ernestine  O'Bee

    Ernestine O'Bee, Founder

    Former Funeral Director 1907-2007

  • J.C.  Frazier

    J.C. Frazier, Funeral Director / Corporate Officer

    Mr. J.C. Frazier is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and has been part of the Milwaukee community for over twenty years. He is a retired U.S. Army Officer and has been a Funeral Director for the past fifteen years. He has served hundreds of families in Milwaukee with the O'Bee Funeral Home and now with the Northwest Funeral Chapel.

    Mr. Frazier holds an Associate Degree in Funeral Service and a Master's Degree in Business Management. He serves on the Funeral Director Examining Board with the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing and he serves on the Milwaukee Area Technical College Funeral Service Advisory Board. Mr. Frazier serves as a Deacon with the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church; he is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and is affiliated with a number of other organizations in our community.

    In his role as a licensed Funeral Director and Corporate Officer with Northwest Funeral Chapel, Mr. Frazier worked with Mrs. Ernestine O'Bee and Mr. William Ford to organize and operate one of the largest funeral establishments in Milwaukee. He has provided opportunities for the training and professional development for a number of Funeral Service Apprentices who have become Licensed Funeral Directors. Mr. Frazier developed a Surviving Spouse Group and has worked with a number of local churches to provide Bereavement Support Ministries for family members who have lost loved ones.