We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

The arranger that worked with me was very hard to contact before the details were complete for the funeral. I did have questions that were never answered. I had to figure it out for myself. The rest of the staff was right on point(Great).

William December 19, 2013

Northwest Funeral Chapel was very helpful and made my experience pleasant. Thank you very much.

Timothy November 11, 2013

The most memorable thing about our experience was the respect shown for our religious view and preference as Jehovah's Witness.

Mary February 15, 2014

Family was unable to see where flowers come from.

Betty January 13, 2014

Northwest really does an excellent job on the deceased. The deceased looks more natural and not like statues. Some funeral homes have the deceased looking unrecognizable.

Anita February 21, 2014

The most memorable thing about my experience was the staff being courteous & very helpful with every need.

Darryl December 10, 2013

The staff was just awesome, anything we needed they provided. Just awesome.

Sandra December 10, 2013

My dad's services went over just a little and they were really good about that.

Ella December 17, 2013

I was very pleased with the service. Julia was my only sister living so it was important to me that everything went well and it did. All that they offer was good, friendly and understanding and compassionate. They explained everything.

Darlene July 29, 2014

I had to check twice on getting his name spelled right.

Bonita May 15, 2014

Everything went as planned.

Priscilla May 30, 2014

The staff was very understanding of my loss. Mr. Frazier was very helpful, the whole staff, I just love all of them. Mr. Frazier helped me so much, I'll always be grateful.

Lorretta May 19, 2014

The reputation was excellent. I like everything about them.

Zelma May 06, 2014

The staff was altogether and very helpful and kind. Honored our wishes.

Constance June 30, 2014

I really appreciate the fact that my mother was picked up promptly after she passed.

Betty June 28, 2014

Very knowledgeable and caring of my needs.


Our family was most pleased with the professional and caring services received.


Keep up the good work!!!


Everything I needed was provided in a timely manner, I was well informed. I was so comfortable because the process went so smooth and I was not stresses and overwhelmed. Thank you!!


Mr. Robertson was extremely helpful. He expressed compassion and patience, showed empathy and was very clear on procedures and expectations and costs.


The ride to the final resting place was so smooth the husband of the deceased had a chance to go to sleep and take a nap.


I appreciate my funeral Chapel, Thanks!


Everything was done to our expectations which made the whole experience memorable.


If it were not for the guidance of the representatives of Northwest Funeral Chapel, some important details would not have been cared for. They were friendly and professional and they were in constant communication and did every thing they said they would.


My son had severe physical challenges due to his disabilities and the staff did a wonderful job which made seeing him less traumatic.


My mother looked as if she was still so full of life. She was so beautiful.


Everyone was so friendly and very helpful.


I was very pleased with everything. I was pleased with the letter that was sent to me about a week later pertaining to if I needed any kind of support service during my grieving period. Dignity and respect was shown.


Everyone was so helpful.


The overall service at Northwest Funeral Chapel was great for my husband service. Thank you for making that time so easy for me and my family, and yes I will use them again.


Everyone was very accommodating and professional.


I would like to thank everyone who helped me through my time of sorrow. They made my love one look the very best. They kept me up on every detail of the arrangements of my loved one. They help to benefit me to the very best to insure I had nothing to worry about. And I will have their service gain in the near future.


The way the staff treated us was appreciative, nice, professional, great, and understanding.


My mom looked absolutely beautiful.


My fiancé died of colon cancer, his body and face was distorted, but the staff made him look so at peace. I truly thank you for your professionalism.


Deceased name on the casket was awesome.

Donald October 07, 2013

I think it would be nice if the family were asked if there were to be no pictures taken of the guest or the deceased.

Judy December 17, 2013

We were not pleased with the crematory professionalism and delays. Dates were promised that did not prove accurate, that was very stressful for the family. We would not choose their services in the future.

Robert December 26, 2013

my mother looked beautiful. Job well done Thank you!

Betty January 14, 2014

Staff and directors were compassionate.

Karen December 23, 2013

Northwest Funeral Chapel is the very best in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thank God for them


My wife earrings were missing and no one knew where they were.

John December 03, 2013

The most memorable thing about my experience was about how good my husband looked after being sick for 2 1/2 years. I loved the smile you put on his face and my smile meant everything to me. Thank you so much!

Alvin March 07, 2014

They handled my husband with loving care. Everything was excellent & just perfect. Ms. Cheryl Clayton & Mr. Frazier was very pleasant to work with and oh so helpful.

Catherine June 22, 2014

The staff was extremely docile. Your staff at Northwest feels somewhat like family to me.

Sharon May 23, 2014

I think your organization did a wonderful job. Staff took time to explain the whole process from casket decisions, flowers, etc.

Cheryl May 21, 2014

They are all well known in the community. when we were at the grave site of my mother and the releasing of the Dove and the poem was most memorable.

Lorraine June 03, 2014

The staff was helpful.

Evelyn February 13, 2014

The way they had him dressed, he looked just like himself.

Georgia June 30, 2014

Mr. Troy Robertson is very professional and hardworking! His dedication to his job is quite evident!

Terry July 02, 2014

Mr. Frazier and staff made me feel real comfortable. They promptly returned calls and answered our questions. We used Northwest Funeral Chapel before when our mom passed. We liked it. Staff seemed very knowledgeable.


My dad selected funeral service (casket, etc) but also selected cremation. I feel the awaited time between the two should have been explained more. Everything else was great!


Everything was beautiful. I loved how my husband looked. Thank you for everything!


Troy Robertson was excellent!! He understood our needs and was so helpful. My aunt looked gorgeous.


The staff was so warm and very helpful to my family.


Very satisfied with services in every aspect. They were very helpful from phone conversation to services at the church. Thanks Northwest for such a great service.


My mom didn't wear a lot of make-up and the staff respected my wishes of not applying too much.


Having the service and the repast at the funeral home made everything less stressful.


The Funeral Home was proficient and efficient.


The releasing of Dove's was very touching.


The staff was very courteous, helpful and attentive.


The staff was very understanding and kind to me and my family.


My mom looked well and the video accommodations to view my mother's/family's presentation.


Everyone was exceptionally nice.


I won a bible.


Northwest Funeral Chapel took a very trying situation and made it a very excellent experience. Job well done, from start to finish!


We were very pleased with the service provided by your staff.


Availability, assistance and response time was good.


The appearance of the deceased looked very good.


The concern care, kindness shown by the young lady Rewa, who I made arrangements with.